The Juicing Revolution; Just How Important And Effective Is It Today

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Do detox juice recipes actually work? They can be likened to the yo-yo or hula hoop crazes of years ago. It can also be compared to the Rubik’s cube and, in later years, all the new online computer games that have exploded onto the online market today. It is considered something of a novelty to be indulging your mind and body in yet another new craze. These can become habit forming and one thing that continues to get me is that everywhere you look, everyone is doing it. I was going to suggest that I am not entirely comfortable with this so-called herd mentality.

But I need not have worried. Because once you immerse yourself studiously in the juicing craze that continues to barnstorm the internet, you will begin to see that all is well. There will never be a need for you to make insufficient sacrifices, I mentioned that much in my last article, and all you need to do at this stage of your life is extend your reading and research exercises as far as possible and take yourself on an inspirational journey, second to none. One of the biggest inspirations that I have had during my earliest forays into juicing was having the pleasure of going through all the nicely delineated narratives which told me so much about what each fruit and vegetable holds for me.

The juicing revolution’s significance

I could indulge myself in each fruit or vegetables long list of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Antioxidants and iron seem to be quite prominent. You will find prominence from calcium when you interrogate the benefits of including dairy products, milk and yogurt mainly, to not just your supreme smoothie fixes, but your everyday meal plans too. Dairy was overlooked in the past, perceived to be bad for the heart, but vegetarians today are having a field day in the sense that they are enjoying peace of mind in knowing just how potent eggs are as a protein source. If you are going to be exercising on a regular basis, you just simply cannot ignore the importance of regular protein sources in your daily diet.

Today’s modern juicing revolution actually has historical significance. In its heyday, the gym pioneers and classic boxers started off with just raw eggs in their diet. Most of you reading this now will be saying, oh dear, how awful. I quite like the taste of raw eggs, and yes, I do have to admit that if you take in too many of these, the taste can be a bit much. But like every healthy food source, there are limits. Never, ever go over the recommended daily allowance. While juicing volumes seem to have no limits, regular meals will be proportionally small in comparison to what you may have been accustomed to before.

It took a while before the first juicing machines and blenders could hit the market. This was long before the internet. But health oriented nutritionists and fitness gurus, who all essentially knew the history and origins of their organic food sources well, wasted no time in experimenting with different combinations of fruits and vegetables. These experiments were two fold and today we are the primary beneficiaries. The big attraction for most is the taste sensations that are derived. But the more important benefit remains in the domain of boosting the body’s health.

Just how effective is the juicing revolution today?

And that is why I continue to advocate striving towards creating a perfect balance. Each and every ingredient has its own health benefits. You have seven days in the week in which you can derive maximum benefit. Fruit and vegetable juice, or mixed juices can be enjoyed at any time of the day, with or without meals. It fills a good gap for those who are still finding it difficult to acclimatize their minds and bodies to regular breakfast sit-downs. So in a sense, the juicing factotum acts as a form of compensation in helping to ensure that weight watchers and lifestyle change practitioners are not deprived of their essential nutrients.

Just how effective has the juicing revolution been so far since those halcyon days? I regard this as a personal issue. I see it in a personal light and can look at this matter introspectively by asking myself just how the juicing revolution has positively influenced me and benefited me from a health point of view. I can consider myself to be rather fortunate in the sense that where bracing my body for foreign tastes is concerned, I need not have feared. I was always fond of my vegetables even though peculiarly at a critical stage of my life, where a poor and disjointed lifestyle influenced this, I deprived myself of it all.

I tended to eat less of the fruits, but was more inclined towards my juices with the excuse being that it was always less messy to consume. Now, try preparing some concoctions of juices in your kitchen for the first time and see just how messy things can become. It is like baking a cake for the first time. Nevertheless, while I was always into my apples and bananas, it did not take me long to train my mind’s grocery shopping list to adding more variety as time went by. It does take quite a while to adjust but one need not be afraid of the change.

In time, your body tells you new things about yourself. It is happy and sound in the knowledge that it is slowly but surely being cleansed towards good health. And this change, I might just add, rubs off on the mind as well.

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