Indoors And Outdoors Exercising For The Dedicated

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I do hope you enjoyed my last series of articles in which I have been emphasizing the need to create balance and harmony in order to get the most out of your health and wellness outcomes. Well now, that is a term that I did not mention to you previously. And there it is. It has been bandied about on the internet wires since the day the concept was formalized by clinicians and announced to the broader community for implementation. Health and wellness is all-encompassing. It is not just exercising to get fit and healthy.

Nor is it about just eating the right foods that are good for the heart. When you are healthy, you stand a better chance of being happy in life, no matter how challenging it is at this time. When you are happier in the things you do and at peace with the way you handle daily life’s challenges, your body stands a better chance of maintaining its health. It has got to be perfect, as they say. And if you dedicate yourself to your mission, you stand a good chance of creating that perfect harmony in your life.

The earlier articles reflected on the personal side of creating that balance. In this article, I take that mission a step further. Balance your life aptly by dividing your exercise time equally through both indoors and outdoors exercising. It is good and well that you make full use of your town’s state of the art gym, but it remains essential that you reward your body and mind with the fresh, outdoor air and sunlight that it needs. Interestingly, the sun’s UV rays contain one essential ingredient in the form of vitamin D.

This is not entirely a unique ingredient when you come to think of it. I think it is fair to say that all stakeholders that continue to play an active role in today’s juicing revolution will continue to mention this vitamin’s inclusion in a variety of fruits that all continue to be highly recommended for fruit and vegetable juicing and smoothie making exercises. I was about to suggest that we also need to be quite mindful of just how dangerous the sun’s rays are these days. But I do find that the hottest time of the day can now easily be avoided given the way our busy work to home schedules work.

So, you are in the advantageous position of spending a bit of time outdoors in the evening. You can head off to the park and do a twenty minute routine of calisthenics on one evening, and on another evening, spend some time in the park doing your stretching exercises. Indoor time can be configured for the gym. Now, it would be quite marvelous if you could station your own multi-purpose gym at home. Imagine that. Perhaps you could convert your garage into a full fledged mini gym. While you’re doing your weights, your garage door can be wide open and, there you go, fresh air comes wafting in.

Because schedules are so tight during the week, do make an extra effort to schedule more time for yourself outdoors over the weekend. After all your hard gym work has been completed during the week, you can reward yourself with something a little more invigorating. And you need not be going through the same weekend routines either. You can vary your routes and excursions, whether you are going to be going for long walks or bike rides. Weekends are favorite times for long distance running enthusiasts. If they are not participating in a meet over the weekend, they can head off on a different route to do their long slow distance running and still get to enjoy the scenery and fresh air.

If you have a car, you should attempt to leave town altogether in order to escape the pollution. Give your lungs a welcome gasp of fresh country air before having to package it for yet another rushed week ahead. And where exercise is concerned, indoors or outdoors, there is really no need to rush.


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