I Prefer For The Rain To Clear, If You Don’t Mind; Aesthetic Benefits Of Exercising

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The last note ended up waxing lyrical about being outdoors. But more importantly, it emphasized the need to be outdoors a little bit more than is usual for you at this time. I elevate this importance even more by reflecting on our daily lifestyles in which case we all tend to spend a lot more time indoors. Unless you are a seasoned organic farmer, you are spending most of your working or productive time indoors. And when you are outdoors, it is only brief in the sense that you are usually in transit to and from work or off to an important meeting.

Today, I would like to have a heart to heart chat with you on the aesthetic benefits of exercising by straying a little further to the personal side in explaining why I prefer to spend more of my times outdoors. It is not so much the exercise benefits but more the case of enjoying my free time wholeheartedly. For instance, it was great, while it lasted, researching all there is to know about the juicing revolution, but I had to ask myself; when was the last time I strolled through an apple or citrus orchard.

Today, if you are fortunate enough to be close enough, say, just one or two hours’ driving distance, then you can go and visit a fruit farm. If you have a family of growing children, what better way to introduce them to all that is naturally good for them. It’s your chance to see how fruit farmers and their hard working laborers live. You are going to find that even though their wages don’t quite cut it as far as what you may be used to, you’ll find that their demeanor is a lot more wholesome and peaceful than ours.

That’s because they are outdoors a lot more often than we are used to. And not only that, they are out in the country and breathing in a lot more fresh air than we are accustomed to. For them, health benefits accrue because they are physically active for most of their day and they are nowhere near harmful pollution levels. So, any thoughts then on moving to the countryside? Well, I can acknowledge that that remains a solid dream for me to this day. During the week you are pressed for time and always in a rush where exercise is concerned. So, do take full advantage of the weekend to spend a little more extra time on your mountain bike or in your hiking shoes.

And if you can reach a swimming pool, do that too. I do have one problem with public baths though. They do tend to get rather overcrowded during the summer months. So, do yourself a favor. Go early in the morning, if you can. But ideally you’ll be heading off to your gym for this purpose. It is usually equipped with measured lanes so you derive the most benefit from swimming laps. Do not worry about the scale of it. You usually find that indoor swimming pools are a lot smaller, so laps won’t be too onerous.

In varying your exercise patterns, try and get used to the idea of regular swimming. Because swimming is one of the best forms of cardiovascular workouts that you can give your entire body. After many years of being sedentary, try this out for the first time, and see what I mean by this. By the time you’ve struggled your way out of the pool after just two or three laps, your entire body is aching. Oh dear, I do hope I did not intimidate you by this analogy. But to be realistic, you can expect your body to be stiff for the first few weeks of exercising. That is why it is essential to put into place a good routine of stretching exercises. And after those few arduous weeks have passed it will feel as though you have been exercising all your life.

You know, sometimes I wish I was just starting out. I feel so happy for you if you are new to it all at this time. Go. Enjoy your exercise.


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