Fine-Tuning Your Own Exercise Requirements

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I think it was during my first address to you that I alluded to the importance of creating balance in your life. Undoubtedly, it is necessary to exercise regularly and accompany that with a correct eating plan that helps keep the body’s energy levels high enough to endure these regimes. But it has not always been easy, not even for the foremost advocates of health and fitness. The challenge for them has always been about creating the correct balance. To do that right, it was necessary to look at things from a personal perspective.

The Balance

In order to be effective in creating the correct balance in your exercise life, you need to learn how to fine-tune your own exercise requirements. I will be looking at this towards the end of this article. In the meantime, I might just mention that by installing balance in every corner of your life, not just in the health and fitness arena, you are adding to the esthetic and aesthetic quality of your life. By adding balance, you deprive yourself nicely of monotony and outright boredom. Boredom can lead to frustration.

And frustration can lead to just giving up altogether. Creating the right mix in your life does, however, require a modicum of persistence. It is a trial and error in your personal life. It is particularly pertinent when your body and mind is on that pivotal paradigm shift from being grossly obese to being a lot lighter and relieved. You are going to endure some exercises and practices and habits that don’t quite work for you. But when that happens, it is not the time to cry. It is rather a case of nonchalantly shaking off the dust and moving on to the next plan.

Back to the Juice

The juicing revolution, in actual fact, can work miracles for those who are just starting out with necessary exercise routines and commensurate eating menus. Because most of the material is only available online you need to re-examine how you utilize your search engine. And do try and prioritize your reading time. So, if you are heavily overweight at this time, then you will looking out specifically for juice recipes that help you to do just that. Lose weight. Nothing else matters at this stage.

If as a regular exerciser, you find yourself continuously in need of sustenance and energizing then you might just want to switch your online search from juicing to smoothie making. This is because there is more focus on protein content, something you need to be focusing on in any case. For the purposes of endurance training, such as long distance running and cycling, make an attempt to find recipes that are preoccupied with straining the juice a lot more. This alleviates unwarranted bowel movements during your physical activities.


The Personal Strategy

By now, there must be dozens of different formulas and exercise plans being published on the internet on a regular basis. All good and well so far, but try any one of them out, and what if they do not work for you, in more ways than one. In order for any exercise or eating plan to be successful, it has to be personalized to suit your current lifestyle, which mostly revolves around work, career or business. If the exercise regime is solely programmed for weight loss initiatives, then you need to follow the selected program for its full duration.

Different results will occur for different people, depending on their genetic disposition and not so much on their weight. You need to be mindful that many of your online weight loss exercise programs can only unfortunately be generalized because they have no way of measuring your own personal circumstances. Many of these exercise programs also have in place recommended daily eating plans. You are going to find that there has been a refreshing break from those torrid salad days, if you will.

Salad greens, because of its water content, are indeed good for weight loss reduction but do little in stimulating your metabolic system while it is now working overtime enduring physical exertions that the body was not previously accustomed to. That is why there has been a lot more emphasis on protein enrichment. And no matter how much out and out vegans propagate the matter of steering entirely away from meat sources, you may not be experienced enough or healthy enough to chance your arm in avoiding meat altogether.

But you do your body a huge favor by only sourcing meat products that are entirely organic or free range. These protein sources will be devoid of bacteria and fat content is minimal, if not, at healthy levels. All in all, the exercise and eating plans need to be personalized in order for them to work for you.


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