6 Intense Dumbbell Exercises And How They Are Carried Out

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After performing series of body weight exercises for a couple of months, the process becomes easy and this is when you’ll see a lot of people go in search of an improved challenge. The easiest way by which you can scale up your fitness exercise is by adding weights such as dumbbells and kettlebells to it. In this article, I’ll show you series of exercises you can do at home with dumbbells and how the exercises are carried out.

Shoulder Press

The shoulder press remains one of the easiest upper body exercises you can perform with dumbbells. It can be performed simply by lifting the dumbbells up to the sky, bringing your arms down until your elbow forms a 90o angle, and lifting the dumbbells back up. Repeat until your desired reps. You can also alternate the movement of your arms in order to intensify the exercise. The muscles worked includes your deltoid (shoulder) muscles and triceps.

Dumbbell Bench Press

One of the most popular exercise you can perform using dumbbells is the dumbbell bench press. In order to perform it, you’ll need a flat bench, but if you can get a reclining and declining bench, you’ll be able to vary the setup of the bench in order to enhance the exercise. In order to perform the exercise, simply lie flat on the bench with your face pointing upwards, pick the dumbbells and raise them vertically upwards, bring them down until your elbow forms a 90o angle. Repeat the process until your desired reps is reached. This exercise targets your triceps, pectoral (chest) muscles, and your front deltoids (shoulders).

Alternated Biceps Curl

This is another classic dumbbell exercises that must be included in this article. It can be performed simply by standing straight up, picking two dumbbells on each hands, and swinging each upwards in an alternating pattern. Your upper arms must be kept constant as your lower arm moves inwards and outwards in order to maximize the effect of the exercise. Although, there are several variations to this exercise, it remains the best exercise to strengthen your biceps and your forearms.

Triceps Kickback and Kneeling One Arm Row

These two remain my best exercises with dumbbells. At first, it was extremely painful as I could feel the bulge in my arms, the strain in my back, and sweat on my forehead. You should perform any of these exercises only when you have mastered the shoulder press, dumbbell bench press, and alternated biceps curl. In order to perform either of them, get a bench and stand on the right side of the bench, place your left knee on the bench, lean forward and place your left palm on the bench too. For Triceps Kickback, while your right foot is on the floor, pick one dumbbell with your right hand, stretch the hand backwards so that it is parallel with your back, swing it downwards and back to your starting position while keeping your upper arm stagnant and in the same parallel position with your back. For Kneeling One Arm Row, pick a dumbbell with your right hand and let it remain in the downward position, raise your hand upwards so that your elbow forms a 90o angle, and return your hand back to the downward position. Repeat until your desired reps.

The Lateral Raise

This exercise is best for targeting the shoulder muscles (the outer (middle) deltoid muscles to be specific). It can be performed simply by standing upright with two dumbbells in each hands, swinging both hands outward until they form a “T”, and swinging them back downwards, repeat until your desired reps. The exercise may also be performed from a sitting position or with your back supported. Bending your upper body forward while performing the exercise intensifies the process.


Keeping fit is not an easy task but my desire to maintain a great shape is what motivates me and am sure several other young guys out there are also motivated by the same desire. Maintaining a good shape doesn’t really require you going way beyond your budget to purchase heavy fitness machines. With small tools such as the dumbbells, you can still keep tabs with those that use even the most sophisticated machines.