6 Important Features That Must Be In Your Fitness Routine

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Body fitness is not all about burning fats in order to build lean muscles but also about staying healthy in the midst of stresses. One major source of stress that could cause the body to breakdown in sickness is work related stress. However, a proper exercise routine would go a long way in ensuring your body adapts to severe conditions both at home and at work. In this article, I’ll show you how I am able to keep fit by following a fitness routine that not only builds my physical appearance, but also my mental and psychological strength. Before discussing the various exercises that make up my fitness routine, you need to know how to set realistic goals for yourself.

To achieve success in everything we do, we need to set up a valid plan and such plans cannot include unrealistic goals. It is normal for you to be eager at the start of your fitness routine but you need to start somewhere. A lot of people set unrealistic goals such as wanting to perform up to 50 reps of an exercise in their routine but as a beginner, you should know your limit and stick to it. With time, your muscles would become stronger and you’ll be able to do more reps. One major disadvantage of setting unrealistic goals is the discouragement it brings especially when you are unable to meet such goals after putting in a lot of effort. Now that you know the importance of setting realistic goals, here are the major exercises that should be in your fitness routine.

Early Morning jogs

This should be the first in your routine so once its daybreak, get out of your bed, get your jogging apparels, and take off to the streets. Early morning jogs is essential to everyone who desires a great body as it is a form of cardio workout which helps burn excess calories by increasing the heart rate. The good thing about this exercise is that it burns fat all-round the body, builds most of your muscles, improves blood flow through your system, removes fatigue, and above all, keeps you healthy.

Maintain a Healthy Diet made mostly of Proteins

A lot of people do not pay attention to their diet which is really bad because food ingested goes a long way in determining the outcome of the body. If you are not so interested in an all-round built body then you can get away with improper diet. However, if your major aim for engaging in fitness exercises is because you want to have one of the best shapes around, you’ll need to do away with certain foods while also incorporating some in your diet. Foods you should do away with mainly include sugars and carbohydrates, while protein, fruits, and other foods rich in fiber should be added to your diet.

Perform Several Exercises

There are several exercises you can incorporate into your routine and these exercises should be dependent on the part of your body you wish to build. One popular reason why most men go into workouts is because they want to burn their belly fats in order to maintain a nice shape. If you are one of such men, you’ll need to search for exercises that attack fat in the belly and such exercises include crunches, kettlebell swings, plank, etc. Most young guys on the other hand are interested in a well-built body and as such should perform exercises that burns fat completely in replacement with muscles. Some of these exercises include push-ups, Body weight biceps curls, squats, body weight leg curls, inverted rows, etc.

Use the right Fat Burners

There are several products in the market to choose from making it quite difficult to make the right choice; however, there are two broad categories which should assist you in making your choice. These two categories are stimulant-based and stimulant-free fat burners. Stimulant-free fat burners are ideal for those who are sensitive to ingredients such as caffeine, tyramine, synephrine, and yohimbine while stimulant-based fat burners are for those who are not affected by stimulants. Including fat burners in your routine would help boost your energy, increase fat release from fat cells, and suppress your appetite.

Drink a lot of Water

The combination of fat burners and exercises leads to increased metabolism making you sweat more often therefore, you’ll need to increase your water intake in order not to get dehydrated. About 3 to 4 liters of cold water daily would not only keep you hydrated, but also increase your metabolism and subsequently aide fat loss.

Timing is Important

Your fitness routine has to be based on a particular timing which you’ll have to stick with. For example, you can maximize the advantage of your fat burners by taking it about 30 minutes before breakfast or lunch in order to suppress your appetite thereby causing you to eat less. Your series of exercises have to be based on time too as it enables you gauge your progress in the future.

In conclusion, a fitness routine incorporating the ideas discussed above would surely give you that great body you so much desire and in addition to that, keep you fit and healthy regardless of the stress you face at home and at work.