6 Extremely Important Fitness Equipment For Intense Exercises

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A lot of people after realizing how important fitness exercises can be are out there looking for the best exercises to improve their fitness levels. There are several exercises you can do, depending on whether you want to carry out an overall body fitness exercise or you want to build some muscles in your body. Several exercises can be performed at home without the use of external equipment and I have covered some of those exercises in one of my previous articles. In this article, I’ll show you a few equipment you can purchase and probably install in your parlor or gym for a more effective workout routine.

Kettlebells and Dumbbells

These are the cheapest workout equipment you can purchase for your home. They are weights which are normally used for enhancing exercises. Some exercises I perform using kettlebells which I’ll recommend for you include the swing, goblet squat, Turkish get-up, strict press, the clean, and the snatch. For dumbbells, I’ll recommend squat and dumbbell shoulder press, dumbbell hammer curl, dumbbell push-ups, Russian twist, and dumbbell lateral raise.

Barbell Sets

Purchasing a barbell and a complete set of weights proves that you are ready to take your fitness exercises to the next level. Some guys do not fancy this equipment because they feel it’s for people with the aim of becoming weightlifters which is quite wrong. Barbells can be used to perform series of exercises that would intensively work the muscles in your hands and your chest. One good thing about it is that you can increase your challenge by adding more weights to both ends if you feel your current level is quite easy. Some exercises I love using barbells for include bench press, biceps curl, squat, upright row, and barbell row. Challenge yourself today by adding barbells to your exercise routine and you’ll be amazed at the result.

Step Mills

This is an equipment that simulates walking on stairs. It is used for building the leg muscles especially for those who live in a bungalow. Even if you live in a 3 or 4 story building, you can still purchase the equipment because it offers better motivation, documents your progress, you don’t descend the stairs to start all over, and you can adjust its speed. Some of its major benefits is that it maximizes your cardio efforts thereby helping you burn more calories, builds your core muscles, builds your strength and endurance, and tones your entire lower body giving you that athletic look you so much desire.

Exercise Bikes

With this stationary bike in your home, you don’t need to go out biking anymore as you can even achieve more at home without unnecessary risks. Some of the benefits that can be derived from using exercise bikes are: improvement in your cardiovascular system, burns calories, low impact on your joints when compared to real biking, builds your leg muscles, excellent form of cross training, affordability, and portability. Although you’ll find the basic exercise bikes in most homes, there are advanced ones out there which costs more. One of them is the HD stationary bike which gives you a whole new experience. You can now take your biking exercise to the next level by competing with other cyclists in virtual road races. With challenge from computer riders, you’ll surely do what it takes to win the race for fitness.


This equipment is designed to simulate walking and jogging perfectly. It is a lovely equipment to have at home as it can help you perform the aforementioned aerobic exercises without having to leave the comfort of your home. Some benefits you get to enjoy by using it includes safety, ability to document your efforts, better motivation as you’ll always try to beat your previous records, and no stains as a result of dust or dirt. There are sophisticated treadmills in the market today which spices up your exercise routine by integrating a tablet display that shows you a scenery from Google Street View as you use the treadmill. Although slightly higher in price, it is worth every penny especially for those who are already bored with the conventional treadmills.

Fitness Trackers

This is the final equipment everyone into fitness should have. You can use it to track your fitness efforts continuously whether you are performing an exercise, idling at home, or even sleeping. The tiny gadget is equipped with an accelerometer which measures your motion and uses the data to track the amount of calories burnt on a daily basis. Another beautiful thing about fitness trackers is the fact that you can set your daily fitness goal and as you approach it, several LEDs light up indicating your progress and how much more effort you need to reach the goal. The final feature I love so much about this little piece of equipment which I must mention is the vibrator motor in it which wakes me up each morning (whenever I wear it to bed) so that I can go out for my early morning jogs.


The above discussed equipment are top equipment you should have in your home if you really want to scale up your fitness routine. Performing exercises with the body weight is good but after a few months, your body weight would no longer offer the kind of challenge needed for good physiques. When that time comes, you’ll have no other choice but to purchase a few fitness equipment.