5 Incredible Reasons Why You Must Remain Fit As You Grow Older

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Keeping fit is something every young guy out there should be interested in. At some point in my life, I was really fat and it was beginning to give me cause for concern because I couldn’t do some of the things I really desired to do. After searching through the internet for ways by which I could burn excess fats at home, I found several methods with which I was able to set up my fitness routine. I followed this routine with so much zeal and now, I have that great body I so much desired, and can also do most of the things I set out to do. If you are one of those still wondering why you have to remain fit, stay focused on this article and you’ll have all the reasons you need.

It Increases Your Metabolism

Metabolism is the process by which the body converts nutrients from food into energy. By performing exercises regularly, your metabolism rate is increased causing your body to consume more calories which subsequently leads to the loss of excess fats in the body. Being overweight in the first place puts you at a high risk of several health issues therefore, prepare a fitness routine and start burning those unwanted fats in your body system as soon as possible.

It makes you Stronger

I have heard a lot of people say they don’t need to engage in fitness exercises because they are very slim. I simply reply them by asking this simple question “How much stamina do you think you have?” If you are one of those with the same mindset then you’ll have to ditch it right now. In fact, slim people require exercises the more for better balance and stamina required for performing several energetic activities. They are also at a better advantage of building muscles quickly as they don’t have much fats in their body system to burn.

It makes you More Flexible

Sometimes, several areas of the body are stretched to their limits especially during sporting activities. For example, playing Football or Running requires flexibility on major joints such as the knee and ankle. If these joints are not flexible, you’ll find yourself falling prey to knee and ankle injuries because they’ll sometimes be stretched beyond their limit. You can improve your flexibility by performing simple voluntary exercises such as walking instead of driving, or raking instead of using a blower.

It gives you a Better Physique

This is one major reason why most guys engage in fitness exercises. You have the right to say you look good if you are not fat, but you can actually look better by building your muscles. I was in this category of people some years back and was never interested in fitness exercises due to time and its strenuous nature; but when I noticed I had started accumulating fat in my arms, legs, and worse of all, my tummy, I knew the time had come for me to change my mentality. I conducted a thorough research, set up a workout routine and tried my best to maintain the routine. After several months I lost as much fat as possible and my muscles started to bulge. After a few more months, I was already as slim as I previously was but with a better shape that made me feel proud whenever I stood in front of a mirror.

It Improves your Mood

Apart from improving your physical appearance, frequent exercise also improves your mental and social well-being. Research carried out on those who exercised frequently showed that they were always less depressed and always in a good mood. I found the study to be true because I usually forget about every other thing during exercise especially when I’m out jogging; I also feel revitalized each time I take my bath after my daily routine.


From the information above, you’ll definitely agree with me that everyone needs exercise especially young men as they grow old, because it makes them look younger and more energetic. Females can also engage in light exercises for the same reasons even though most of them shy away from it.