2 Major Early Morning Workouts Capable of Impacting Positively on Your Day

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With a lot of fitness awareness information already documented on the internet, a lot of people have now found good reasons to engage in fitness exercises. While several people prefer performing their fitness exercises during the day, several others believe the best time to perform it is in the morning. In my own opinion, the best time to perform fitness exercises is in the morning immediately the day breaks. The main reason why I prefer morning exercises is because it is actually the best time to burn body fats. Apart from that, it makes me agile and ready to face the challenges of the day. If you are a newbie to fitness exercises, I’ll advice you to always do your exercises in the morning due to the reasons I’ve stated above and several other reasons you’ll get to find out as time goes on. To that effect, here are two major workouts that are capable of warming you up for the challenges of the day.

Jogging Workout

The best early morning exercise you can engage in is the early morning jogs. I do mine every morning immediately I get out of my bed around 6 AM and it lasts for about 30 minutes. In order to engage in this early morning fat burner exercise, you need to purchase a tracksuit and a pair of boots since it is not advisable to perform fitness exercises as a whole without them. During your first week of jogging, you may find it difficult to jog continuously for 5 minutes. This is understandable because you are new, and not yet at the required fitness level. You can take intervals to walk in order to catch your breath before resuming the jogging process.

Early Morning Stretches

This is another fitness exercise that should be in any good fitness routine. The body normally feels weak as soon as one wakes every morning and this is because it has been in a resting position for up to 6 hours. In order to get your body back into its normal working position, you need to engage in some nice early morning stretches. One of the stretches I cherish so much is the full trunk turn; I perform about 15 to 20 reps as soon as I get out of my bed. Another one I also love is the camel and cat stretch which helps with the strains I feel on my back each time I wake. There are several other stretches you can incorporate into your fitness routine to get you up and doing for the rest of the day.


In conclusion, you can purchase fitness DVD’s to assist you with your fitness exercises since you are doing it from home without the presence of a fitness instructor. These DVD’s are packed with information regarding all possible workouts you can do from home including the two explained above. During my early fitness days, I bought a lot of DVD’s because I was anxious to burn my fats especially the one in my belly. I didn’t just keep it at home to be filled with dust, but went through every page like my life depended on it and after several months of consistency, I began seeing results.